Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC)
Managing Director
LOCATION: Chevy Chase, Maryland

The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) seeks to catalyze radical improvement of
Jewish education in day schools. We do this by disrupting complacency, encouraging
innovation, and partnering with leading funders, innovators and experimenters in the field. We
envision a new generation of Jews whose lives are inspired by and infused with Jewish values,
and who operate from strength in literacy, practice and belief. We work with educators,
funders and consumers to encourage measurable reform in the Jewish Day School landscape in
North America. Current JEIC programs include providing micro-grants to schools that are
developing and testing adaptive and dynamic educational models, hosting an annual industry
conference with cutting edge leaders in the field, and assembling teams of designers to
collaboratively develop and test new educational models. Future plans include further testing,
adaptation of new approaches, and advocating for change among school funders and
consumers. (More information is available at:

Organizational History
JEIC was launched in 2012 as a programmatic initiative of the Mayberg Foundation. It has
operated from inside their offices, drawing administrative and program support from
foundation staff and consultants. As we advance it to the next evolutionary stage, we intend to
launch a separate 501(c)3, increasing JEIC’s independence and broadening its impact through
expanded collaborations with new funders, educators and field leaders.

Position Overview
We are in search for a proven, talented, entrepreneurial leader to serve as Managing Director
and steer this next stage of JEIC’s growth. The ideal candidate will have advanced knowledge
and established relationships in the field of Jewish day school education, a track record for
blazing new trails – both organizationally and programmatically, proven ability to build
collaborative partnerships with industry funders, and strong operations management

Reporting to the Executive Director of the Mayberg Foundation, the Managing Director will
oversee and lead the growth of JEIC as an organization and influencer within the field. The
position will also work closely with Rabbi Shmuel Feld, JEIC’s Founding Director, who will
continue to work as a thought partner providing technical assistance and consulting to our
grantees, while also providing leadership guidance on other key programmatic initiatives.

The Managing Director will be expected to elevate JEIC to new levels of impact and
prominence, lead consumer advocacy and marketing efforts, and shape the future of the JEIC as
an independent enterprise. The person will also oversee operational aspects of JEIC, working
directly with program and finance staff.

Executive Leadership

1. Develop, execute, and oversee a comprehensive strategic process that balances current
   needs with strategic vision to ensure JEIC’s long-term success, growth and sustainability.
   Identify and leverage emerging industry trends that might impact the future direction
   and success of JEIC.
2. Articulate a clear vision for JEIC, in collaboration with the Founding Director, that
   encompasses current work as well as future plans, and resonates with multiple
   constituencies within the Jewish Day School community.
3. Speak and network regularly on behalf of JEIC in all available venues, strategically using
   JEIC accomplishments to stimulate and foster further innovation and change processes.
   Maximize the visibility of JEIC’s work in field and philanthropic publications.
4. Serve as a passionate ambassador for JEIC’s vision, working closely with major
   influencers in the field to encourage the development and implementation of new and
   sustainable concepts of excellence in Jewish education.
5. Collaborate with the Founding Director to introduce innovative ideas that can be tested
    and measured in terms of their short-term, mid-term and long-term impact.
6. Once certain milestones are achieved, work with the Mayberg Foundation Executive
   Director and key stakeholders to develop an approach and timeline for building JEIC’s
   board of directors and building its base of core funders.


7. Expand the reach of JEIC in the Jewish Day School field by identifying opportunities for
   new collaborations with educators, schools, organizations and foundations that are
   aligned with JEIC’s mission and are motivated to further JEIC’s agenda.
8. Work with the Mayberg Foundation Executive Director to manage current partnerships.
9. Participate in and contribute to the development of strategies to grow the
   organizational financial resources. This includes helping to secure financial
   commitments and stewarding funding partners through regular communication.


10. Oversee all day-to-day operational components of JEIC: administration, planning,
     program development and evaluation, budgeting, community relations, staff
     supervision, human resources, and marketing. Set, foster and model a success-oriented,
     accountable, high-morale and positive organizational culture within JEIC that’s aligned
     with the Foundation culture.
11. Oversee all current JEIC programs including but not limited to: model development,
    Innovator’s Retreat and implementation of HaKaveret. Develop and implement
    systemic approaches for scaling current initiatives to a broader audience within the
    Jewish Day School arena.
12. Work with the Founding Director to enhance, elevate and measure JEIC projects in line
    with the JEIC’s educational vision. Ensure effective practices in program evaluation and
    impact measurement are utilized for all JEIC initiatives.

• Bachelor’s degree required; Masters or advanced degree preferred.
• A minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience including at least 5 years of
  proven success in a senior management role, supervising staff and working with a nonprofit
  Board of Directors. Experience and skill in working in a variety of Jewish education
• Advanced knowledge of current trends, innovations and important issues in Jewish Day
   School education, and a shared passion for JEIC’s mission strongly preferred.

Skills & Abilities
• Proven ability to develop, articulate and implement a strategic organizational vision
  designed to inspire and engage professionals, lay leaders, donors and members of the
  public alike.
• Ability to set clear priorities and delegate effectively.
• Ability to develop relationships and partnerships with key internal and external
• Excellent communication skills to further JEIC’s reach across platforms and formats through
  written, oral and electronic means.
• Experience as an effective public speaker and organization spokesperson.
• Decisive and resourceful with the ability to anticipate and act on events that may create
  opportunities for JEIC. Nimbleness to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.
• A character that demonstrates strong work ethic, openness to learning, a kind disposition,
  and a leadership style that embraces ideas of others and brings people together.
  Dedication to excellence with a high degree of integrity and credibility.
• Demonstrated commitment to the Jewish Community and to Jewish values and traditions.
  Experience working effectively across the broad spectrum of Jewish affiliations.

To Apply
Please click here to
submit a cover letter and resume. Questions can be directed to Ellen Goldstein, President,
IntoGreat Management Partners, or 303-885-4555.