Our Mission

JEIC catalyzes radical improvement in Jewish day schools, challenging them to achieve their mandate of optimizing student internalization of Jewish wisdom, identity, and decision making.

We pursue lasting school change through directed funding, impactful convenings, philanthropic partnerships, and originating bold initiatives and experimentation.

Core Values

At JEIC, we believe that the elements of the Jewish day school ecosystem need to work in sync to produce environments and a culture which manifest these core values:

  • Emotional Connection: School environments are places where students can internalize the beautiful wisdom, values, and sensitivities of Torah.

  • Application of Wisdom: Judaism, presented as a precious and practical gift, taught as distinct from other types of content, enables students to apply Jewish wisdom in every stage of their lives.

  • Personal Calling: Individual choice leads to a personal Torah outlook, making it incumbent upon students to engage with a Jewish framework and deploy it for the betterment of the world, Jewish people, and themselves.

  • Jewish Peoplehood:  Enduring Jewish community relies on each individual being part of a cohesive, mission-driven nation that values members’ contributions.

  • Inclusion:  Diverse paths to God--intellectually, academically, emotionally, and spiritually--are encouraged, and all comers to the tent should be welcomed.

  • Relationship with the Divine: The environment inspires a personal and communal relationship with God through a Torah lens, modeled as one precious part of being a Jew.