JEIC Innovators' Retreat

Manette Mayberg's Opening Remarks at the 2015 Innovators Retreat

The annual Innovators’ Retreat and Presentation in Miami brings all of the finalists together for a gathering with a collaborative spirit. The retreat is required for all finalists and serves a variety of purposes:

  • It gives representatives from the Mayberg Foundation and from the JEIC Panel of Advisors the opportunity to conduct private interviews with each finalist school. During these interviews, the judges will provide formative criticism, which will allow the finalists to hone their core messages before the presentations.
  • It allows all finalists to receive training in how to perform the research they will need to do to budget, fundraise and record their findings.
  • It provides the opportunity for finalists to give peer review and support each other in preparation for the presentations.
  • It presents the opportunity for finalists to impress other potential funders, who are also invited to watch the presentations. Each finalist will have 10 minutes to present, followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. 

At the conclusion of the retreat, judges will select to fund some, none or all of the proposals. The selected schools will receive up to $50,000 to enact their proposal over a two-year period.

Each finalist may send up to three representatives to the retreat. In addition to hosting and funding the programmatic activities, the Foundation will award a grant of $3,000 to each finalist school to help defray the costs of preparing for the retreat and presentation, and up to $600 for travel expenses.