IR19: May 15-16, 2019, Baltimore, Maryland

The annual Innovators Retreat (IR) is an annual, intimate convening of Jewish Day School provocateurs including educators, philanthropists and consumers committed to their role as change agents. It's all about a healthy ecosystem. Participants engage in robust discussions and critical thinking about the theory of change in schools. Discussions include: What are the perspectives of different Jewish Day School stakeholders? How do we begin to understand each other’s viewpoints so that we can have our schools function increasingly well? How do we assure that our actions are authentic to our values? Attendees also participate in structured critique sessions designed to enhance innovative Jewish educational models.

The Innovators Retreat is an invitation-only, non-solicitation event. If you would like to learn more about the Innovators Retreat, please contact us.

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The 2019 Innovators Retreat is sponsored by the Mayberg Foundation.