IR19: May 15-16, 2019, Royal Sonesta Harbor Court, Baltimore, Maryland

How do schools' values support or inadvertently contradict their stated values? This session enabled participants to explore this topic by discussing actual school policy manuals.

IR19 connected day school stakeholders to new ideas (see highlights in the photo gallery above), and IR19 connected day school stakeholders to on another (see highlights in the photo gallery below).

IR19 was a unique convening of Jewish communal provocateurs including educators, philanthropists, influencers and consumers committed to their role as change agents. The ultimate goal was to explore ways to help Jewish day schools across the continent reignite students’ passion for Jewish learning and improve the student learning experience around Jewish values, literacy, practice, and belief.

Watch Manette Mayberg, trustee of the Mayberg Foundation and founder of JEIC, share her vision for a new type of GPS that could yield a defining, meaningful, and positive Jewish education for all day school students.

Under the theme, ‘Values Illuminating Actions,” IR19 participants discussed the misalignment of many Jewish day schools’ values and policies and explored possibilities for creating a culture change in schools across North America.

IR19 featured several unique sessions for a convening of this kind. On Wednesday evening, participants engaged with a “dinner theater simulation” about a day school’s crisis of values. On Thursday morning, participants chose among several presentations in a session titled, “Where Money Meets Mission: Provider-Funder Collaborations.” Noteworthy philanthropists and educational providers who partnered with them revealed the secrets to their successful collaborations on visioning and implementing Jewish educational innovation.

Trendsetters in Jewish education and noteworthy Jewish day schools across the country implementing standout innovations shared their work and engaged participants in discussion about program elements that are applicable to all schools.

The 2019 Innovators Retreat was sponsored by the Mayberg Foundation.

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