JEIC Team Challenge

The JEIC Team Challenge is a joint project of the Mayberg Family Foundation, the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall, and the Joshua Venture Group (JVG). It is designed to bring together a group of nine to 12 highly talented and motivated individuals and facilitate a 10 month creative process whereby the group develops three to six revolutionary models for delivering Judaic education in Jewish day schools. The models will subsequently be tested in real schools under the supervision of our staff educational consultant.

As JEIC’s third major initiative, the Team Challenge picks up where the pilot grants left off. The idea here is to convene and facilitate a year-long creative process that will enable the best and brightest from various fields to construct educational models that can then be tested, adapted and built upon in Jewish day schools across the country. As with our pilot grants, we will provide an educational consultant and a research specialist to evaluate and advise the program development and field testing of new models.

Hundreds of pilot grant applicants were reviewed during our first three years, with 14 rising to the top as finalists and six $50,000 grants awarded thus far. Within the pool of those applicants and from many other places, we believe there are important voices that need to be heard. Our aim is to construct a group of the best and brightest of them and give them a context in which to develop additional models for testing.  This first phase of the Team Challenge is focused on designing new models. A second phase will concentrate on the implementation and testing of the models designed in real world Jewish day schools.

To learn more about the JEIC Team Challenge, please contact us.