Chevy Chase, MD (November 30, 2017) - The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC), sponsored in part by the Mayberg Foundation, is soliciting proposals to pilot innovative educational models in Jewish day schools. The objective is to identify and fund experimentation with new methodologies that foster and reward student effort and enthusiasm, teacher proficiency, and school effectiveness in creating the next generation of Jews.

To empower educators and administrators to disrupt the status quo, JEIC awards multiple grants up to $50,000 each over two years to programs that represent a paradigm shift in Jewish education. Throughout the grant period, grantees will have access to our educational and research staff to help their pilot programs succeed. Selected programs must be revolutionary, practical, sustainable, accountable and scalable.

Programs must meet the following criteria:

  • Revolutionary: The program should be founded in Torah ideals instead of secular educational models.
  • Sustainable: The program should be practical and designed to thrive over time.
  • Accountable: The program should stay within budget and include measurable results.
  • Scalable: The program should be easily adaptable, so that other schools can replicate its successes.

Grants awarded through the Challenge are open to any Jewish day school (grades 6-12) in the United States and Canada. Eligibility and submission guidelines can be found at the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge website:

The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) is a grantmaking initiative designed to disrupt complacency and encourage innovation in Jewish day school education. By rewarding and collaborating with talented innovators, JEIC seeks to improve the way Jewish values, literacy, practice and belief are transferred to the next generation. The project’s ultimate success will be the creation and implementation of revolutionary, practical educational models that are sustainable, accountable and scalable.