Let's check in with HaKaveret Designer Ruchel Green, teacher and technology specialist at the Silver Spring Learning Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Have you found it challenging being the only HaKaveret Designer working in early education?

Right now is the research phase, and we've been so focused on different introspections of research. We've unearthed so many ideas and getting out of our own bubbles, so the early childhood piece has really played a part in that. Everybody is bringing their own experiences and it's nice to give that early childhood piece a voice in the discussion.

What inspired you to get involved with Jewish education?

For me, it was watching both my parents who are fantastic Jewish educators. I also had really strong teachers who showed me the value of Jewish education. 

What do you find most enjoyable working with young learners?

Without a doubt, it's that lightbulb moment when I see a student grasp an idea and make a connection. That's the best. You know you got through to them. I also love knowing that I'm passing down our heritage to future generations and hopefully we are creating lifelong learners.